Friday, October 10, 2008

Photo Friday

This past week we got some much needed rain and the fall colors popped here in MN. I don't know how folks that don't have 4 full seasons live where they live. Fall is the best time of year for riding. Sure, the days are shorter, but as I've written before, fall is wool clothing riding season. I can put on my wool and ride comfortably for a long period of time. My Wingnut back pack is lighter too as I usually use water bottles in the fall and my pack only needs to carry my camera and a few supplies.

Yesterday, I was trying out a Sigma DP1 camera. The DP1 is the first pocket size camera with a full size DSLR image sensor. It's known for it's color capabilities, has full manual controls and shoots RAW. It's a powerful pocket camera, but it's a bit quirky and slow. Folks are starting to unload these cameras now that Sigma announced the DP2 at their annual trade show in September.

I rode my Dos Niner. My ride sort of stunk as I wasn't feeling very good. I cherish fall riding. It's so good. I didn't get the shot I was looking for either, but I got this. Not bad detail and color for a pocket point & shoot camera.

Enjoy your weekend folks. Ride your bike. Go for a walk in the woods.


Jason said...

DSLR, DP1, DP2 whatever it takes.

It's the geekness that makes your photos so good though, so keep it up. Hope you're feeling better soon so you can enjoy the leave and that wool gear.


Head Honcho said...

So what DID happen to the camera's?

Mine went down the tubes too. Getting the autofocus motor replaced as I type. Its REALLY hard to be with out a camera right now. This season is just TOO good to miss.

GNAT said...

Jason - Yes, I'm a full on geek. I can't believe all the acronyms used in the camera industry. All that said, cameras and camera technology is unbelievable.

Marty - My DSLR has a broken batter cover (and I'm now using black tape to hold the batter in). My DSLR also has a dead, and then sometimes not dead, auto focus motor. Sound like we are in the same boat.

My pocket canon can't keep a charge in the battery. At first I thought it was the camera, then I thought it was the battery. It's not the battery. There is a constant battery draw and I can only shoot a few images before its dead. Also, if I leave it off for a day, its also completely dead requiring full on restarting. Total Drain.

We'll see. Unfortunately, they don't make the camera I want yet. I want a pocket pro camera. Think Canon G9 with a full size image sensor, an F2.0 Lens, and a bit more range in ISO selection. Rumors. I keep hearing rumors. Some day.

Right now, I'm continuing with my injured DSLR and trying a few cameras out.

Guitar Ted said...

Wow! I must be lucky. I treat my cameras very poorly and don't have near the trouble you have, Jason. Maybe what I'm using isn't as sensitive, I guess.

Well,I'm not a camera geek, far from it, but I will be getting something pretty nice over the winter, seeing as how my job demands such a tool. I'll be asking some questions, but go easy! I am not learned in Camera geek acronyms!

MG said...

I love how you never go half-way into any endeavor, Jason, whether it's cycling, photography, parenting, religion or life... You're all-in, all the time. Total commitment. It's what makes you, you, and it's a big part of what makes you so good at what you do in your job at Q.

Your refusal to be satisfied is another big part of it.

Hope your weekend was super, Jason.


MG said...

... because if I'd shot that picture, I'd be awfully happy with myself. ;-)