Thursday, October 9, 2008

Another Shameless For Sale Post - Willits 29er

Well, I've got one more on the block. Two down, one to go. I've been saving in hopes of replacing my broken and/or dead camera(s). We've also run into some unplanned expenses, car repairs and water softener replacement.

So...Here goes.

Used Willits New Sheriff with Paragon sliders. Steel w/2 tone paint. $650.

It's a bit old school in TT length and feels Ibis like. It's also a little tall too due to the extra tube and styling. It's a 23" TT (About an 18" equivalent). Has internal rear brake cable routing. I've also got all the extra frame tubing bits that Wes cut off the tubes when mitering. Hey, it was part of the package. I had the bike set up as a flat bar mtn bike and also as a drop bar 29er.

Price includes: Frame, Type II rigid fork, and custom Hope black/gold headset. Freight and any extra Paypal credit card fees are extra. The bike is shown with wheels and BB cups. Those are not included.

This is one of Wes' newer frames built down in Austin. I acquired this in a trade in March or so and have ridden it twice. It's a beauty, but I have no need for it. Bike fits Weirwolfs with adequate clearance.

The paint is far from perfect but the bike still looks really nice. Here's a pic of the paint wearing out on the TT. It's also got a couple of chips on the down tube.

Email me at G N A T at L I V E dot COM.

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MG said...

Wow... That thing is cool.