Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Gnat's Theory of Relativity

Lately, I've been spending a lot of time thinking and planning. This is occurring both at home and at work. Sometimes what you are doing or what you want to do don't require much planning at all. While at other times, they require a lot of thinking and planning.

Over the past year, the Gnat blog gave me the opportunity to explore, to learn, and meet new people. It also rekindled my love for riding and taking pictures.

This is where Gnat's Theory of Relativity (GTR) comes into play. My theory is that somehow, whether we know it or not, we pick hobbies and have passions that are relative, similar or supportive of one another. I'm sure some folks will likely point out that they they have hobbies that are not connected, say like bike riding and stamp collecting. However, I'd bet that somewhere, some how if you look hard enough there is a connection.

For me, bikes have consumed my life. Bicycles have been my passion since the first day I pedaled my first red 20" Schwinn. I still remember my mom and my aunt Bev pulling that bike out of the back of my Mom's wood paneled silver station wagon. I still remembering hitting the lilac bush in the back yard trying to learn to ride. I still remember doing endless laps around the house. Bicycles gave me freedom and allowed me to explore and get to places I couldn't get to before.

As I look back at my memories, I also see that I had one other passion that is as strong as my passion for bikes, photography. I still remember taking black & white photography in college. It was the only semester that I didn't purchase and/or build a new bike. It consumed me. I spent every waking moment riding around the Minneapolis taking pictures and then spent every single evening in the dark room. That said, I never did anything with it. In all honesty, back then I could never afford two hobbies on my bike shop income and I just let it go and stuck to bikes.

So where am I going with this? Well, this past year has been one of the best years of my life. I could spend hours and days talking about that and why I think that. But, in looking back over the year, I see lot's of things that I wasn't connecting are really connected.

For me, this past year has finally connected my passion for both photography and bicycles.

Bicycles gave me a vehicle to explore and meet amazing people.

The Gnat Blog gave me the opportunity to learn and share my stories.

My job gave me the opportunity to ride and take pictures all over the world.

No wonder this has been such a great year. So...Where am I really going with this? Well, I've been thinking about what grand vision I have for me and for the Gnat blog. While I've been doing this unintentionally already, I'm going to focus the Gnat blog on the things I love and that are connected.

Bicycles - People - Photography - Exploration

They are all connected by Gnat's Theory of Relativity.


goooooood girl said...
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Jason said...

Sounds great. I know the reason I do my blog is that I get to talk about bikes, along with having a creative outlet with writing and photos. Prove to myself that art school wasn't a COMPLETE waste of my money! ;)

Good luck and look forward to more of your pics.


Guitar Ted said...

Yeah, that's awesome to hear you write that '08 was the best year of your life. I'm betting it'll pale in comparison to what is to come though.

Can't wait to see what Gnat's Theory of Relativity brings in the future. I'm glad I could be just a little part of that. Thanks!

Marty said...

Can't agree with you more Jason...I love catching your photos and the adventures you've taken. Looking forward to more.

MG said...

I'm glad to hear it's been an awesome year for you, my friend. Thank you for allowing me to be a bit part of the goodness. I've definitely enjoyed the time we've spent together, and I thank you so much for the support and opportunities you've given me over the past couple of years.

For me, sadly I have to say that I can't quite proclaim '08 to be the "best year yet," because quite simply I have not succeeded in making it so, but the year isn't over and I'm still hopeful that one or two things will happen that could turn the tides... We'll see.

I think you have good momentum, my friend. Just keep it rolling.