Monday, October 13, 2008

Change is a comin'

Well....Change is finally coming. My Willits sold in record time and as a result, I'm jumping ship from Canon. While Canon and Nikon are duking it out on top, other camera makers are making some pretty cool little cameras. Where I end up may be a surprise to some, but this new camera should add some real capabilities to my riding and adventure photos. You'll have to wait and see. Assuming I can find the exact set up I want in stock somewhere, I should be taking pictures in Utah later this week. Sweet.

Until then, enjoy your week. Change is coming in our weather too. Enjoy it while you can.


blackmountaincycles said...

Spit it out man! My Canon G2 that I dearly love, but is impractical to stow in a jersey pocket, has passed and I find myself in need of a new camera.

GNAT said...

You'll see soon enough. The dimensions of the new camera will be just big bigger than the dimensions of your old G2.

Mike, if you really like your GW, I see new G2's available for about about $100.