Friday, September 26, 2008

Photo Friday

As yesterday's post indicated, JMKM and I got a great ride in on Tuesday. It was filled with road, bike paths, dirt and two track. Here's a little shot of my Fargo I took while JMKM was changing a flat.

Enjoy your weekend. Ride your bike.


d.p. said...

Too bad you don't have time to hit some of the double track near Death Valley (about 75 miles away). day forays easily accessed from the park. Trona, Thimble Peak, Lippincott Mine, etc. The 6 bottle cages would be handy....

MG said...

Awesome to see you and Joe are gettin' some riding in while you're out there. It's gotta' make the Interbike experience just a little easier to get through.

You guys are kickin' butt out there, Jason... but you know that already. Great work!


Jason said...

Agree with M.G., you all kicked some a$$ in Vegas. Be proud, 'cause you have a LOT of bike geeks lusting Salsa BIG TIME!! I'm very proud to be Pepper Head