Sunday, September 28, 2008

Back Home!

Well, I made it back. From a work perspective, it was a great trip. From a personal family perspective, it was a long and difficult trip. From a health perspective, I came home more rested than years past and I was actually lighter than when I left.

Since I got home last night, I've been enjoying all the things that I love; My kids sitting on my lap in the morning, two rounds of coffee with my wife, church with my friends, & my morning oatmeal. One other big difference is the moisture in the air here in MN. Ahhh! The temps are fall like too. This means three words....Wool riding season. So good to be home.

With that....I'll leave you with a few more shots taken from the last 2 weeks. I'll apologize in advance, both my cameras are busted up (hope to get that fixxed soon) so you need to make do with these.

Here is my brother on the last climb before a short descent into Ward, CO.

Made a short pit stop on the ride to Dirt Demo in Boulder Canyon, NV.

Look for some some fun stories here on the Gnat blog and here later this week.


Jason said...

Look forward to the tales of your trip. Must feel great to come home and not feel bloated and nasty. What you doing to your cameras man??

Talks soon. I got something to put in the mail for you soon. Keep an eye out in the near future. :)

Guitar Ted said...

Great to know that you made it home and safe. Enjoy the family and a well deserved pat on the back for a job well done. Salsa made a huge impression at the show. Congrats!

grannygear said...

Hey, GNAT dude. Great talking rides and bikes in the Salsa booth with ya. Hopefully the future holds a day when I will pedal along with you and GT over some gravel horizon.


Vintageone blog

GNAT said...

Thanks guys. What a nice return. I promise each of you that if you ever get to MN, I'll have a Fargo ready for you for at least one long gravel grinder. Every bike nut should experience that at least once in their riding life.

If it's not gravel, it'll be some sweet local single track. I assure you, I'll take good care of you.

Head Honcho said...

By all reports Jason, Salsa nailed it this year. Job well done. Can't wait to here your thoughts on how it went.

G9? BrokeN? Say it ain't so!

MG said...

Thanks for the call a few minutes ago, Jason. Welcome home. You guys had an awesome show at Interbike. I can't believe all the hype your new bikes are generating. From the Fargo to the Selma to the Big Mama and the El Kaboing, there's never been a buzz like this out of the Land of Salsa!

That bottom pic of the dual Fargos is super sweet! I can't wait to start taking Fargo adventures of my own!