Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wool Riding Season

I said it my last post, it's wool riding season here in MN. I woke up today to see mid 40 degree temps. Perfect. I wore my wool arm warmers, wool knee warmers and my favorite wool jersey. I did the cobweb ride again this morning. For those readers that are just getting on board with the Gnat blog, the cobweb ride is an early morning ride where you are the first rider on the trail. You get to clear the cobwebs from the trail that all those diligent spiders built the evening before. (look closely)

I left mighty early too. The 9 Mile Creek raft looks a little bit sketchy when illuminated by bike light.

I'm still adjusting to riding with lights again. I know folks love night riding. I used too, but honestly I've lost my passion for it. I really like riding in the early morning light without lights. I feel like a Jedi Master flowing through the single track. At one point I stopped, hiked down to the river and took a few pics. That is a nice way to start the day. I'm so glad I'm back.

Hope the skies stay blue for my return trip home later today. Enjoy your day.


Harth said...

Nice post, Gnat. I used to have my favorite cobweb ride back in Michigan and I know what you mean - it is a precious time of day. Mostly, I wound up at your blog because you posted about wool weather, and that is to be celebrated in its own right. Nice photos too!
Portland, OR

pete said...

It was a chilly one this AM. Wish the RB's were part of my commute but there is only a little bit of fun offroading from mpls to eagan. Can't wait to try them new machines!