Monday, September 22, 2008

Outdoor Demo - Day 1

Good evening folks. Finally back to the hotel tonite and wanted to share a few notes from the day. Sorry this is so short and bullet point like. I'm tired. Very, very tired and I need a good night's rest.

I had lot's of fun today. I got see a lot of old friends and meet some new friends. A few were even Gnat blog readers. All in all a great day. Here is yet another use for a Salsa Fargo - 6 pack holder. While this Fargo was only set up with 2 bottle cages, a fully set up Fargo could easily carry 6 of your favorites cans home.

Gnat blog readers are probably tired of reading and seeing the Salsa Fargo here on my blog, but I'm so smitten with this bike. I promise I'll be moving on from it sometime....Say in about a year or so. Seriously, I am planning some non Fargo material. In fact, it kept me awake this morning when I should have been sleeping.

Other observations from Outdoor Demo Day 1.

- Lot's of 29ers - even a few good ones
- Lot's of carbon fiber
- Lot's of renewed interest in steel
- Lot's of cool paint jobs. I was impressed this year as many brands are doing a better job with graphics.
- Not much blood yet, but tomorrow is the busy demo day and I'm sure someone will lay it down on the rock and come back bloody.

Anyway, I'm pooped. Going to sleep now.


Captain Bob said...

Thanks for posting. ANy bike is a good one to see. Keep on having a good time.

Jason said...

Thanks for checking in! Reading LOTS of good reactions already about the Big Mama, Fargo and Selma! Have fun!

MG said...

"... even a few good ones."


I'm still smitten with the Fargo too, and I've only ridden yours once. Can't wait 'til I have my own. You can just keep talking, my friend.

Hope you got some good sleep...


d.p. said...

Definitely not tired of the Fargo. In fact, I've been hankerin' to give one a twirl next season in some of these middlern flatlandy states.

Guitar Ted said...

Blood here! I got yer blood here!

Went OTB yesterday, as you know. A bit stiff today, but good to go!

Hjalti said...

Keep the Fargo stuff coming. Did you know there was once Chrysler pick-up truck called the Fargo?

Cool, but I like your hauler better.

grannygear said...

Hey...sooo cool to meet ya. Salsa rocks and my comments on the Big Mama are at the blogness.