Sunday, September 21, 2008

Peak to Peak Highway

What had I got myself into? That's what I thought as I hit mile marker #8. More specifically, that is what I thought after almost 8 miles of climbing out of Estes Park, CO. Starting at rougly 7500 feet and going up for just shy of 9 miles was hard on this flat lander. However, I had to push on so I could meet my brother. He was riding up Highway 7 to meet me and we were going to ride the Peak to Peak Highway.

After miles of this......

We were rewarded with many views including this view of Longs Peak, one of Colorado's 14ers.
I've got more to this story, but not enough time today. I'm off to the airport in a few minutes to head to the arm pit of the USA, Las Vegas.

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Jason said...

A job with the Las Vegas Tourism Board is NOT in you future! ;)

Looked like a great ride.