Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Now What?!

As you've seen, my first GTDRI is over. What you don't know was that the GTDRI was one of my main 2008 goals. You see, I haven't done a 100 miles since I completed the Leadville Trail 100 over 10 years ago. I wanted 100 miles and I didn't want a traditional road/pavement hundy. Thankfully, it all came together nicely and I felt strong all day.

But now what? Where do I go from here for goals? I honestly don't have anything driving my riding right now other than my health and my weight. I'm tired of doing lap after lap at our metro mountain bike trails.

What to do? Got any ideas? I've been thinking of rebuilding my flat bar La Cruz and mixing some long rides in with some dirt.

Destination riding but with riding to the destination being the focus. It's not the fastest but I can tackle almost anything with this bike. It's faster on the road than my El Mariachi.

Anyway, short post today. Should have something up tomorrow on some touring bags.


Jason said...

I LOVE the La Cruz with the flat bars! I really need bike like that in the stable. Really sweet!

Guitar Ted said...

"Now what?", you say. Well, that is a toughy for you in your stuation, I'm afeard. Trade show season is nearly upon us, and as i know you do have a bit of lee way in regards to one of the shows, I think you might have to just plan your own gravel grinder.

Look into some of that stuff they used for the Ragnarok or talk to Ben Witt for some ideas, and then go on and have an adventure already!

The flat bar La Cruz would be a great rig for that too. Well, that and a certain "other" one!

MG said...

Hey JB -- I understand how you feel. The flat bar La Cruz is definitely a fun project bike. You know how much I loved my CCC last year with the Mary Bar on it.

And while I think my CCC is going to get built with the drop bar this year, it sounds like you're jonesin' for something fast and flat barred, and as we both know, you've already got a special drop bar bike to tool around on when you desire that type of experience. I'd say go for the flat bar on the La Cruz and let 'er fly! And just have fun. Don't put any pressure on yourself to "do" or "accomplish" anything other than to have fun riding your bike. That's really all you need to do successfully. And it shouldn't be hard, because I know how much you love to ride bikes.