Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Axiom Cyclone Waterproof Handle Bar Bag

So....last week I was preparing for going to Iowa for the GTDRI. My plan was to ride out to the Hickory Hills Campsite with all my gear, camp with the crew and do the Death Ride on Saturday.

On Thursday night, I got all my gear ready. Now I just had to prep my bike. I was hauling everything I needed for a comfortable night. I also planned on a few extra luxury items since this trip was about fun, not survival. I've never used a handlebar bag before. Thought it might be nice and convenient. I could load it with my cell phone, my digital camera, wallet, and a little bit of food. I could also put my map and cue sheets right on top. So, I thought I'd try this.

It's pretty light, not that expensive at $70-80 when compared to others like Ortleib. What the heck, I'll give it a try, at least for the road/pavement portion of my weekend. It's got a nice clip on mount so I could easily remove the bag for the gravel vibration fest if needed. As I went to mount the bag, things went awry.

Take a look at this picture.

Missing anything? Yep, the lower pivot pin wasn't installed and the bottom portion of the left clamp fell to the ground. Strike 1. I then looked to the instructions and parts just to make sure I wasn't supposed to install the pivot. Strike 2. Crap. It's not going very well. I could have modified it and made it work, but since the bag is brand new, I decided to forgo the handle bar bag for this trip. I also want to test out of the package stuff before I start tinkering and making things work the way I want them too.

In the end, I mounted my Nitto front rack, loaded a dry bag and strapped it to the rack. I also managed to strap a map carrier to the bag. Nice. You can see that set up in the slide show.

I did end up using the Axiom Typhoon water proof rear panniers with good success. I'm going to do a few more long commutes (50+ miles) on them before reviewing them as well a few off road commutes. Maybe I'll have the replacement bar bag as well. If I have a problem with bar bag number 2, it will be strike 3 and I'll move on to another brand.

More touring product reviews coming.

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