Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Bike People = Good People

Tonight is our second night at South Beach State Park. We have had fabulous weather the last few days. Our spirits are especially high today. I really like Newport. I would like to come here again sometime and take a class at Hatfield. I could live at the campgrounds at the hiker biker sights for next to nothing. I know I could do it relatively cheap. I could probably find a part time job here or there to support myself. Jeez, I have so many big ideas. How am I supposed to choose something to pursue when I have so many possibilities. I know I can do anything I set my mind too.

It's our second night by a roaring fire! Each night we have had other bike tourists come to our little cove in the the trees to warm their aching bodies & share their stories. Each has a unique life history. Each has their own starting and stopping point. However, each seems to be very free spirited and easy going.

I must clarify here. The people doing self supported tours are the free spirited one. The individuals doing the inn-to-inn touring are a little more uptight and obviously have too much money and have more to do than to waste their time pedaling their equipment around. Besides, its probably the "inn" thing to do right now in their social circles.

Tonight I'm talking to Rick about books & BK Whoppers. Strange. I really enjoy talking to bike tourists. We are truly unique beings.

Kind of funny reading this now as I am in a much different place than I was back then. While I still love bike people, I just don't have the time for an "extended" tour. The Inn-To-Inn thing sounds appealing to my aging body. To be honest, I've never done that, but I have considered it.

One other memory that came to me tonight while writing this was that it was a family of bike people that shared their pomegranate with me. I had never seen nor tasted this amazing fruit. I'm thankful for their generosity and for turning me onto such a fine fruit.

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Guitar Ted said...

Yes,bike people are usually good peeps. I have noticed that in all my travels.

They also will be some of the first to lend a hand, give you whatever it takes to get you going, and usually give the best encouragements.

Man! This post is making me think of a lot of good people and times I recieved help and good words. So many times that has happened to me. Thanks for that reminder, Jason.

Bike people are good people, indeed!