Saturday, March 29, 2008

Go Fly a Kite!

October 17, 1993
Day 54

Bought a Kite! Incredible! Spent all day at the beach flying it. I should get one for Todd (brother). I just know he'll love it.

A lot has happened since I last wrote in my journal. I can't believe it has been a week. Well we are in Oregon & I am having the time of my life. In Astoria, John & I got our care package from my sister. It included a 1 lb bag of Peanut M&M's!

So anyway, I spent the day flying a new kite. It's called a Tyro and is made here in Newport. I actually watched a woman making them today. She was very helpful. I am looking forward to speaking with her again tomorrow. I want to ask about:

1) Handles and chords
2) What the jerking is caused by?
3) Look at some other models and write them down
4) I should buy an extra and send it home

While flying my awesome kite today, I was thoroughly relaxed. It was a strange feeling. It felt as though my only worry was keeping the kite in the air....Actually, that was probably my only concern because this kite is so damn hard to fly.

I was out running and playing on the beach just as though I were a little kid. My naked toes splashing in the water as I ran back and forth to the crashed kite. Watching the kite really made me dream about hang gliding. I should research hang gliding.

The banner picture says it all. It was a glorious day and buying a kite to enjoy the beach is something I hope everyone can experience one day.

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