Sunday, February 10, 2008

Give Blood - Ride Noble

The day started with a 2 hour drive to meet up with Aquaholic and Whaffe from MTBR along with some other folks. It was a going away ride for one of the guys. I figured why not drive 2 hours to ride the infamous Noble Canyon?

It did not disappoint. I could post so many pictures. I chose these 3.

Lots, and lots of traverses such as this. I think there is a rider somewhere in this photo.

I think we climbed for what felt like 3 hours. We got up to just shy of 5500ft. I was flying on the climbs today. I can really feel the weight loss. Seriously, I'm not sure when I've felt this good climbing.

Check out the scale here. I was at 5425 feet looking down on the group coming up. That's NZ Whaffe on his Nicolai.

This happened on the Stair Way to Hell climb/descent. Actually, I think it was called the Stairway to Heaven climb, but since I crashed, I renamed it. We were going down oo. I went way down. That bruise and impact was from rock that slid across my chest as I fell over the edge. I ended up 20-25 feet down in a ravine. Thankfully, they prayed for me and for protection at Church this morning. Don't anyone freak out or anything. By the power of God, I'm OK and I rode out. Thankfully, this was at the end of our 6 hour trek.

Sorry for the chest shot. The only thing whiter than my skin is white out and Fox F29 forks.

Ride & Smile! folks.


Burner said...

Well, Cali couldn't have been ALL good, at least you have a battle scar from a tough section of trail to wear home.

martini said...


You're getting a nice moob slap from me on Saturday!

[insert devilish laughter here]

gNAT said...

looking forward to seeing you. That said, any moob shot from you and I will take you down. I don't care if Lisa is coming.

See you soon.


Jason said...


Dammmmmn, glad you're ok man.
Even with the crash, seems like a kick ass ride!

MG said...

Ouch!! Man, that collarbone looks like it took a lickin', but it kept on tickin'. Sweet!

Good thing they went with a "true" white on that Fox fork, 'eh? Othewise you'd have been the whitest of 'em all!! heh heh heh...

Look forward to hearing more stories soon.

Travel safely, my friend, and of course Ride and Smile!


Guitar Ted said...

Branded! Ouch.....good ridin' though, by your account it would seem. Thank God you are okay!

See ya soon and no "moob" slaps from me. I stay away from agitating former wrestlers!

Anonymous said...


I am so relieved that you are OK. We all thought for sure you were going for a trip to the ER.

Really amazing that you didn't break any bones!


MG said...

wow... gnat -- you gotta' be careful man. we're not exactly young'uns anymore. ;-) heh heh...

hope you're starting to feel a little better, and that your travel home was smooth.


rick is! said...

ouchie mama. looks sweet.

blackmountaincycles said...

Thanks for the little trip back to the homeland. It'll be a while before I get out to Noble Canyon again.

Here's a totally useless tidbit, way back when there used to be dirt on many of the trail sections of Noble - Stairway to Hell included, the wife and I cleaned Stairway to Hell (descending) on our trusty Ibis tandem resplendent with rigid fork, drop bars and softride stem. Not the switchback at the top, but the rest of it including the sharp right at the bottom. Those were the days!


Captain Bob said...

Oh Man! It looks like someone smeared a jelly sandwich on you. Oh my, I hope that itsn't really what happened.

Glad you're healing.