Saturday, February 9, 2008

Greetings from California

Hey all, just a hello from sunny California. Rode the Back Bone today with Burner and FoShizzle. Thanks guys. Felt great today. Here are a few pics.

Nice look at the ocean, Catalina Island and if you look closely, you can see the fire damage from the Malibou fires.

Do a quick 180 and you look towards the San Gab's.

We were at the turn around point and had to climb back up and over this.

After the ride, Burner treated me right by showing me 3 secret spots for 3 of my favorite things, good pizza, good shrimp taco's and good coffee. Ahhh....Ride to eat or eat to ride? I know why I ride.


Guitar Ted said...

Oh! This post is brutal, just brutal, Jason! I know you realize what we're going through back home here. ;>)

Have fun! That territory looks like it would be a blast to ride.

gNAT said...

Yeah, I know it wasn't very nice. I'm sorry. That said, GT I saw your snowy Dos Niner on your blog. At least you are getting out in it.

Oh....And if you didn't like today's post, you will probably really not like tomorrow's post.

Jason said...

UG! Not fair! Sounds like fun. Enjoy!

MG said...

TERRIBLE! My El Mariachi looked just like Guitar Ted's Dos after today's ride. It was 8 degrees at the start today. We made it two hours before we threw in the towel...

Thanks for the call yesterday Jason. Sorry our phones weren't cooperating, but it's great to hear your trip is going super and that the weather is working out to give you some great riding.

I bet riding with Burner and FoShizzle was super sweet too. Those guys are cool...


Burner said...

glad you enjoyed it! you were flying!

Musta been the 100 degree weather difference from home ;)

and Jason owes me a reciprocal weather favor, since I'll be in Minn next week.