Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Hey folks. I'm back from California. My physical wounds are healing, but my ego is still damaged. Thanks for all the kind words. Sorry my words have been short lately. The Washington coast is coming up. Stay tuned.

One quick note on this special gift giving day. Be good to your partner today. It's a good idea 'cuz I'm betting that some of you probably want to buy some new bike parts for yourself. Remember, a little goes a long way here.

Have a good one.


rick is! said...

hey Gnat, how close are you to the Anderson Windows factory? Anderson has offered to fly me out march 17-19. If there would be a chance for a good ride with good peeps it would make my decision much easier!

gNAT said...

Rick, not sure. Much of Anderson Windows is in Hudson Wisconsin. That's about an hour drive from me.

Call me at 800.346.0004 extension 1268 on monday or tuesday to talk.


rick is! said...

Hey Gnat, I've decided to punt on the Anderson trip. just too freakin busy right now. I will be out sometime though (hopefully summer/early fall) so I'll give you a shout.