Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dreaming of Road Bikes!

October 2

- roughly 62 miles

Stayed at Sequim Bay State Park. Glorious 2 days in the sun. Kept thinking about road bikes...Rather a scary thought. I keep dreaming about a black Yamaguchi (with yellow Yamaguchi stickers) with full Dura Ace 8speed.

I guess two days in the sun along with good roads makes me think road bikes. I never thought about road bikes in Alaska. Now that we were riding in shorts and putting miles in again, I wanted smooth and fast. For those of you readers that know me now, you know that I rarely ever long for road bikes. Kind of funny.

Not sure who remembers Yamaguchi bikes. They were, and still are, awesome. The summer before leaving on this tour, my friend and old boss finally received his custom Yamaguchi. It was white and beautiful and he put a ZAP groupo on it. It was his sunny day or Sunday bike.


Sean said...

That's funny, I stood staring at a Yamaguchi earlier today at the Seattle bike swap. Cool bike, but no road bikes for me. Not these days anyhow.

Guitar Ted said...

I used to tour on a 26 inch wheeled former mountain bike while the guys I was with were on the 700c based touring rigs. I could definitely see my disadvantage and often longed for a "real" touring bike on those old trips.

Guess that translated over to mountain bikes too, huh? ;>)

gNAT said...

Sean, it is a good thing I wasn't there to be tempted.

GT, it's true. The 26" wheel was perfect for Alaska. Thankfully, we were both on them so we didn't constantly compare. When we hit the lower 48, a real touring bike just made more sense. That said, ride what you got.

I was longing for a road bike, but not so much it interfered with my trip. Besides, we were going to end up in Moab.

Jason said...

"Ride what you got" indeed. Still you gotz to love bike lust though. :)

MG said...

whatever gets the 'ol ticker pumpin' is good, i say. and i have to agree that, while different from my typical taste du jour, those Yamaguchi racing machines are certainly the bees knees. i love how the 'cross bike on the website has a forward-sloping top tube! can you say dirt time trial machine? i bet he can.

good stuff... but my la cruz is about as roadie as i need to get these days, right guitar ted?!! i can't believe that la cruz has me feelin' the love for drop bars again... it's been a long time since i've actually liked having swervy curvy barz on my ride, but with races like TransIowa and the Dirty Kanza 200 coming up, all the sudden the options of drop bars feel good to my hands. go figure... perhaps i needed the perspective of going 24 hours on a one position flat bar to get me to appreciate the options a drop bar afforded? perhaps. but i digress... as i often do.

nice post, good buddy. thanks for the eye candy. i can see why you were 'Yamaguchi dreamin'.