Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Shorts and New Treads

October 1st Finally back on my bike again and for the first time in almost 2 weeks, I feel self sufficient.
Route taken out of Bellingham, WA should be noted due to it's splendor.

- Bellingham

- Chuckanut Drive
- Through Edison

- Down to 20

- Anacortes

- Ferry

- Deception Pass

The huge trees & sunset set this place & time apart from just about all others. Once again, I think (know) we made the right decision to leave Alaska .

No Regrets!! Just Awesome!
Olympic Peninsula tomorrow.

I took this photo at Deception Pass State Park on Whidbey Island. We are looking straight west and I still remember sitting on the rocks looking west. It was a turning point in our morale. As I mentioned in prior posts, it had been a long two weeks. We didn't know what to do. John was pretty worked up much of the time. I was worked up because we weren't doing what we had planned. That all changed today.

Not only did we get to ride in a beautiful place. It was also the first day in about month and half that we got wear shorts again! That's right. I got to remove my dura-wool tights and ride in shorts. On top of that, I went into a great bike shop called Kulshan Cycles in Bellingham and bought two new tires. I had blown my rear somewhere on the Alcan and was riding my back up fold-able tire. The back up was light to fit in my bags and it was just not durable enough to get me to Utah. I ended up buying some great Avocet 1.25" 26" tires. Felt like I was flying today....Shorts and new treads for my bike. Aaaaahhhhhh

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Guitar Ted said...

Avocet Cross tires? I loved those things. Awesome touring tires.

On with the cycling!