Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Eden, Utah - Aptly Named

As the title says Eden, Utah is aptly named. The picture below is what every morning looked like from our lodging. In all honesty, I don't think I could tire of sipping coffee in the early morning hours looking at the Eden valley. By the way, that dot floating in the air is a hot air balloon.

This trip wasn't my typical business trip. Not only did I get to bring my wife with me and spend a day or two almost solely with her, we were put up in executive housing out at Wolf Creek. Our 2800 square foot house was comped to us by the resort. I think they are a little bit off with their market research of bicycle industry wages. For anyone looking, this house is for sale and is priced just above $600,000 fully furnished....Did I mention the view?

The first couple of days were spent hiking and hanging out with my wife. This was only the second trip in just over 6 years that we have taken together without our awesome kids. It was nice to hike and talk like the old days. Our hikes were the best part of this trip. Not only were the views amazing, but we got to talk about things that mattered to us instead of just going through our typical day and routines.

I also played with my new camera quite a bit. I took over 500 photos. I deleted almost 250 of them. Not all were deleted by choice, I did not bring the proprietary cord to hook it up to my computer and I needed to delete images to take images because my memory card was full. Yeah, I know that I should plan these things and have more than one memory card, but I didn't. Drat! That will teach me! Oh well, I learned a lot. I even got a few good pics. I'll likely have a separate post on my new camera, until then here are a few images that I like. Nothing too great, but some with things I like.

Stay tuned this week for some high flying adventure, some more mountain views and a little Utah history.

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Guitar Ted said...

Jason, it warms my heart to see that you guys had this chance to be with each other like that. Good stuff and thanks for sharing that.

Definitely a beautiful place there, but I agree, 6 hundred G is waaaay outta my league brother!