Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sinusoid Wave

My week resembles the above sine wave diagram. The top image represents the high's and low's of the week while the bottom image represents that a bicycle wheel rotates and that time waits for no one. Regardless of your high's and lows, things move forward.

This past week at my day job, we launched some new products. Honestly, at least in my opinion, the 3 new products are all really, really cool. This was the high point. I've been part of this annual product launch pushed by our industry for something like 4 years now. Every year I learn something. Every year something new surprises me.

This leads me to the low point. Last Thursday, someone told me on the phone that I stole all his good ideas. I've never been called a thief before and frankly, it hit me hard. I'm not going to go into the details here but I will say that it saddened me a great deal. I have worked with this person before and frankly, other than a similar passion for bicycles, our worlds, our beliefs and the products we make for our companies could not be further apart. On top of that, we make products that make his product better. I thought it was a symbiotic relationship. I thought wrong.

I do believe that the issue will die away. I have spoken to the person and told him I'm disappointed in him & a bit shocked. I also told him where and how we got to the solution and the final design & product. I was truthful. I was honest. Who knows if he believes me?

Thankfully, I do not need to work with this person. Thankfully, he is not the one who judges me. Thankfully, I know where every idea came from for the design he accused me of stealing. Thankfully, I don't work with him and I am doubtful I ever will. I will say that I no longer want one of his frames in my bike collection. Too bad, they are pretty cool bikes.

In the end, time and things keep moving forward. Tomorrow, next week, next year this will be forgotten and I'll be riding my bike somewhere amazing.


Jason said...


It sucks to hear that there are folks who are unhappy. So be it. You all have put out some killer product this week. Don't let the bitchy 1% get you down.

You and the designers at Salsa have a lot to be proud of. You have introduced some cool products on a production scale that many bike geeks have to get custom.

Focus on the good. And get ready to kick some more ass ass Interbike. I continue to be happy to be associated with Salsa Cycles.

Have a beer. Chill and get ready for more Salsa action.

- Jason

grannygear said...

Yes, he is not the one who judges you.

Still, as you say it hurts. It always does when we are falsely accused by someone we admire or respect. But, think of this...If you were dishonest and had stolen the ideas, his accusations would not hurt much at all.

Guitar Ted said...

Ahh....yes. grannygear is correct. Whatever the court of world opinion may say, there is One who trumps all, and you ain't guilty my friend! Let that truth console you and keep on keepin' on.

See ya on Wednesday!

blackmountaincycles said...

I don't know whose being referenced, but it sounds like someone is fairly insecure. Being able to recognize a concept and bring it to market is enough gratification. If this person's frames are high-end custom type, the introduction of the Fargo can do nothing but also draw attention to his bikes - it should be seen as a win-win for everyone.

There are a lot of people in this world and there's plenty of room for all. I think the Fargo is a brilliant bike. Rock on, Jason and see you at Interbike.

Captain Bob said...

That stinks Jason. Hope it blows over soon.

Get on your bike and go far.

Marty said...

ONe thing I can always count you for Jason, is you straight forward honesty if everything that comes out of your mouth. No pussy footing around. One of the things I admire in you.

Now get on with the rest of your intro's. What you and Salsa have come up with this year is putting you and the company you lead on the map, creating industry firsts, and damned near instant legends.

Keep on keepin' on.

chuck said...

Darn it. Now I can't tell you you stole all my ideas. :( Just kidding. Jason, keep your chin up. You are doing great things with Salsa and ideas do get passed around and are meant to be shared and built upon. You had the business sense to make these ideas a reality and moved forward. Don't kick yourself for that. Be happy for your successes in life.

Anonymous said...

That jerk's phone call is motivated by fear and shows you what a great job you're doing. If he insits, tell him he can sue you if he's so convinced you stole his ideas. Meanwhile, make sure you patent yours and keep good records of your design process. Besides, there's no purely original design. When we create all borrow something from someone, unwittingly or not.

Anonymous said...

Jason, we believe you, but why didn't you explain the story this way on the Salsa blog? There you said you were down because you thought people wouldn't like the new road offerings. Here you said it was because you got a nasty phone call. Which version is correct? By the way, I don't really care what happened as long as you keep churning out great product. Chin up.

GNAT said...

To the last anonymous poster. Those events are not connected at all and happened on very different dates.

Additionally, this is my personal blog. This blog is about my personal stuff. It is not material for the Salsa blog. Salsa does not define me nor represent a complete image of me. Salsa blog is work and for work stuff. Gnat blog is for me and my stuff. I acknowledge that at times there is some over lap, but I do try to keep them separate.

jgsatl said...

hey, keep on rockin'. love what you guys are doing!

Anonymous said...

Please tell me the guy is not MC (who I admire for his work).

GNAT said...

I know a few good guys with initials of MC and neither of them have any thing to do with this post.