Friday, September 5, 2008

Photo Friday

I've been waiting for this Photo Friday for a long time. Over the course of the summer, I've taken a couple hundred pictures of my favorite bike. A bike I could not reveal. Well, it's finally public knowledge. I'm working on a story about the bike along with a slide show but those are not ready yet. Today, you get two of my favorite images.

Have a great Friday folks. Ride your bike.


Sean said...

Nice shots and the bike is beautiful. I think Salsa did a really good thing here and I think you certainly filled a hole in the market.

Guitar Ted said...

You should call the slide show, The Ballad Of Black Electrical Tape. ha ha! Just kiddin!

You must be bustin at the seams when you are riding some of these rigs. They may call you Cagey McCagerson, but I don't know how you can do it.

Looking forward to your slide show on this bike.

GNAT said...

Thanks guys.

Yes, the electrical tape does distract from some of the pictures. However, you'll see I did ride it quite a bit without the electrical tape.

At times I'm a bit surprised too that some of the bikes we are riding remain secrets. I guess no one likes riding at the times I ride these bikes.

Stay tuned for the slide show.

Jason said...

I once tried to pay a midget from Minnesota to follow you and take spy pics of the bikes. He tailed you for some time. But wrecked and smashed is spy camera. He broke both his little arms and I wast out $500, a digital camera, and I was forced to give him a promised pair of platform shoes. Grrrr. Just kidding of course. Sort of.

Great stuff this week. Anxious for the rest. Have a chillaxing weekend.

Steve Fuller said...

Home-Freakin'-Run. 'Nuff said