Friday, August 29, 2008

Photo Friday

I did the cobweb ride again on Tuesday. I have been denying the fact that the days are getting shorter. I protested by not bringing my headlamp. As a result, I spent the first 30 minutes in almost complete darkness. I had two good pedal strikes while my eyes were adjusting to the darkness. One jarred my back pretty good. What was my reward for this Jedi like ride through the dark? The sunrise. I stopped and spent about 10 minutes just watching and breathing in the damp, cool morning air. I also saw 3 deer and almost ran over a raccoon.

Last week I posted about rebuilding my beloved Dos Niner. It's been my bike of choice of late. I love this bike.

Enjoy your long weekend. I know a bunch of the bloggers reading this blog are racing this weekend. Good luck.


Captain Bob said...

Nice pics gnat. Gotta love that morning air.

Jason said...

Love those pics! The Dos is indeed a great ride. I'm hoping to put many a hour on it this weekend!

Guitar Ted said...

Riding that early in the morning is an awesome experience. Glad you got to experience it recently on such a great looking day.

Nice Monkey Wrench bottle too!

Enjoy your weekend!

MG said...

Thanks brother. I'm headed to bed right now... The Dos is loaded up in the back of the Subaru, ready to race.

Have a great weekend Jason.

BTW... is that an SC32 on the front of your Dos? Lookin' good!