Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I see the light!

I know some of you have sensed it. Some of you have even sent me email or left comments here about it. I've been a bit distracted and it shows here on the blog. Thanks for your encouragement during this time. The great news here is that the end of the mayhem is near. I see the light.

Photo taken this morning on my off road commute to work.

There is a light on the horizon. I can feel it. I can see it. Hold on! It's going to be a wild few weeks.


Jason said...

Whenever there are "a few wild weeks" at Salsa, it usually results in we consumer bike freaks getting our lust on. Look forward to it. Now make with some more "spy pics" ;)

MG said...

I think you're doing a great job corralling the mayhem in your life, my friend. And it's going to be an exciting next couple of months too. I can't wait to see the industry's reaction to the killer stuff you've been working on!! The payoff is near!!!

Take the bull by the horns and RIDE IT!


Guitar Ted said...

Yeah, I feel for you guys during this nutty season. I know you have a great concern for those that are putting in huge hours at Salsa, not just yourself, and that can be quite a burden to bear as well.

Yeah, the payoff, why ya'all do what you do. It is coming, and I'm betting "it is going to be huge". ;-)

Take care! I'll be seeing ya soon.