Friday, August 15, 2008

Photo Friday

Last weekend was a joy. For the 4th year in a row, we went up north to a cabin with 2 other families from our church. Sunday morning was incredible. I will always remember this view.

Enjoy your Friday and your weekend.


Michael Meiser said...

Quick question. What do you shoot with?

You're obviously a really active and busy guy... and obviously cary a camera with you when you ride as do I.

I've always wanted to make the jump to a Canon D series of Nikon with seperate lenses, but have wondered if I could / would possibly lug it around everywhere. Plus... then there's the issue of proprietary batteries running out and the fact that the all in ones are getting so damn good in the last year with superb optical zooms and fairly good ISO's.

If you could respond here that would be great, but perhaps you could do a blog post on what you shoot with and when and how you carry it.

Mostly I've been riding road lately, and I could see possibly riding with a D-series and a couple lenses in my bag, but I don't know about the gravel roads and especially mountain biking. Perhaps a two camera approach is best.

Butcher said...

Michael, thanks for the note.

I'll do an article on this after Interbike.

Essentially, I am down and out currently with cameras. I've got a couple of them, but both are down and out and need repair and/or replacment.

Look for a good post on this just after Interbike. I'm looking for good topics as I'm almost burned out on bikes...Thankfully, that won't last for long.