Saturday, August 2, 2008

Memories of Maple Lake

This last week was filled with family and with memories, both new and old. Part of this trip included going to my grandparent's old lake cabin on Maple Lake. My grandfather built the "cabin" in the early 1950's. My mom lived here in the summers with her family. At that time, it was a single room. It was my first visit in 15 years and the first for my wife and kids. It was also the first time my mother had slept at the cabin in over 20 years.

I was a bit nervous going back. The "cabin" is the place that I remember and cherish. It represents so much in my mind. It was a place of laughter, great food, peace, silence, fun, games, and family. My memories of the "cabin" are burned into my mind. I always remember Grandpa Wally and Grandma Ruth when I think of the cabin. When I am stressed, it is the place I go to find peace. When I can't sleep, I think of sleeping in the hammock in the shade beneath the trees. When I close my eyes, I can still hear and feel the sound of the wind. It is a place that I only remember great things. It is my safe place.

Thankfully, the "cabin" still felt like the "cabin". My family enjoyed it too. We had great weather. We had fun with Grandma Linda. We ate great food. We capped the trip off with a traditional stop at the Mentor DQ. I don't know when I'll be back, but I will never forget the last couple of days.


Guitar Ted said...

Wow. That's so cool that you were able to "go back" and not only that, share it with your family.

I'm very happy for you. Not everyone gets to enjoy that. So, thanks for sharing a bit.

Jason said...

Fantastic. Really good stuff. Agree with G.T. Thanks for sharing

MG said...

Thanks for sharing those awesome pictures too... Amazing.

I bet that was an incredible trip for all of you in your own special ways.

Thanks again,

stevy said...

wow...beutiful. where is that?

GNAT said...

Thanks. Yes it is a beautiful place. Maple Lake is in northern MN.

If you google Mentor, Minnesota you will see the nearest town, about 2 miles from the "Cabin".