Friday, June 20, 2008

Photo Friday

Just back from the north woods. I've got quite a few great photo's from this trip. Here's one. More to come.


Jason said...

Man, the photo of the week is damn good, but the new Blog Header pic is DAMN nice. That looks perfect! A sweet ride and a tent in the woods. If you tell me there was beer inside that tent (or nearby) I might openly weep with jealousy.

Guitar Ted said...

jason: Start in with yer bawlin' man. I happen to know that it was catered!

Those Wisconsin woods are well known to me. Absolutely beautiful at that time of year. I'm glad you got to enjoy yourself up there doin' what you love to do.

I agree with jason though, that bike/tent pic has my wheels turning!

gNAT said...

Jason...Just you wait. I've got a pic for you. Yes, start your ballin'!

GT, yes it was catered. Our food was prepped for us. But, you know what? One day we actually had to carry our lunch to an undisclosed lunch location. Sheesh. Hard work.

Seriously though, it was a great week. Much needed and long overdue. GT, start prepping for next year!