Sunday, June 22, 2008

Backup Bike

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backup may refer to:

  • in reference to information technology:
  • in reference to music:
    • Backup band - A band who plays music in support of a lead musician.
    • Backing vocalist - One who sings in harmony with a "lead vocalist."
    • Back Up (song) - A song by girl group Danity Kane from their debut album Danity Kane.
  • in reference to tactics:
    • Backup (tactical) - A military or police contingent dispatched to be ready to provide additional support to the primary force in an engagement
Lot's of different references here. I'm wondering why there is no reference to Bicycles?

Over the past 3 weeks, I've prepped and built a whole bunch of bikes. While it's been fun, I unfortunately haven't been working on my own bikes. In fact, I've been ignoring my own bikes and it shows right now. My main ride needs some bike love. Even my back up bike isn't working.

What is a back up bike? Here's my definition.

Backup Bike: The one bike you always keep in running order. This bike must be fully functional at all times. If you take parts from it or break something on it, you must repair it the same day and put it away each and every night in fully functioning order.

A Backup Bike is used when:

- Your main bike is inappropriate for the desired ride
- Your main bike is in need of repair or service
- You have a friend of family member that wants to test ride your main bike, forcing you to ride something else
- It's raining out and you don't want to ride your nice bike in the rain or mud
- Your main bike is stolen
- You need to run errands

I've been lazy and my back up bike is now in a total state of disrepair. I'm going to fix that this week. I'll share some info over the course of this week. Here's the only hint. It's steel and has 29" wheels.

Can't wait. Stay tuned.


MG said...

Let me guess, it's an El Mariachi, and it's green...

... am I close?

Oh, I bet it's got 9 gears in back and one in front.

OK, maybe it's the brown one with the S&S couplers...

gNAT said...

You are close, but keep guessing. I may end up finishing the green EM too.

Captain Bob said...

how about the casseroll

Guitar Ted said...

Here's why there is no referance to cycling in your search on "backup".

Bikes don't have a reverse gear!

Silly wabbit!

Yeah, I hear you on the maintenance thing though. I've been tackling some of that recently as well. It gives me great satisfaction knowing that I can rest assured that the bicycle in question is only a few pumps of air from ready, instead of having that niggling thought in the back of my mind about the condition of my bikes.

Good luck on the maintenance issues. Hopefully your peace of mind about your backup bike will come swiftly!

MG said...

hmmm... i know what's happening with the green bike now. but now i'm thinking it might be the 25th anniversary...