Sunday, June 29, 2008

Mid Season Change Up

I've been home this week. My wife is on a much deserved vacation with her mom and sister. Being home has been both glorious and at times, painful. Glorious because I've gotten to spend so much time with my awesome and amazing kids. Painful because I just came off the biggest week of my working career and I've got 1000 things to do at the office. Glorious because I needed a break from work. Painful because at home I just eat and eat and eat. Glorious because I've prepared and eaten some really, really good food this week. Painful because my riding, or at least my motivation, is suffering. Glorious because there are so many amazing people in our lives. Painful because my wife/best friend is away. Glorious because of choices we've made and what that means to us and our kids. Painful because my time at home with my kids is almost over. Glorious because there is so much more to life than I've been seeing lately.

Life has been pretty high paced lately. I need to slow it down. I know I've said this before. I need to change it up a bit. I'm going to make some changes in the coming days. Consider this my declaration. Some of you reading this know me and see me. Please help keep me honest. I need the help. Seriously.

- Sleep more. I'm working with/on my Sleep Apnea. Hopefully, I will see progress soon.
- Make sure I play at least one game with each of my kids when I come home from work.
- One coffee per day. Down from 2, sometimes 3 and the occasional 4.
- Eat more fruit.
- Eat fewer crap calories (sugar, beer and sweets). Max 1 per day.
- Ride because I love riding. I've been doing a lot of laps on our metro off road trails. I need something new. Ride more. Just ride.
- Stop to take more pictures.
- Call some old friends.
- Laugh more!

Enjoy your week. Have fun on the 4th.


Captain Bob said...

Sweet picture......

Check out the Scout Camp down here sometime. Drying up now and turning out to be super fast.

Guitar Ted said...

Yeah...what Captain Bob said. Ha ha! Or GTDRI, ya know, you are very welcome to come and try that out.

Anyway, a funny coincidence: While I was reading your post here, my son Jacob says, "Dad, do you know what is healthy for us?"

I say, "What Jacob?"

He says, "Grapes!"

I guess that reinforces your fruit choice there!

Great picture, by the way. The joy of simple things is a childs forte'. We can learn a lot from them.

Jason said...

I swear to God I thought she was holding a tarantula! great pic.

Marty said...

Need a ride with some friends?

I'll be up there Sunday, with a high probability of riding at Murph. Not that you need to ride there anymore. But you did say you need to laugh. I'd like to try an make that happen.

gNAT said...

Marty, maybe.

Email me at G-N-A-T at Live dot com

MG said...

oh that's adorable... just beautiful.

just ride. love it.

happy 4th of july, my brother. and the nats too... :-)

love you guys,

MG said...

i have to take issue with drinking less beer though... i like beer.

... just sayin'.