Sunday, May 4, 2008


After staying at the Colorado National Monument, I headed for Moab. My side trip through the park meant I needed to ride to Moab in 1 day. I decided to cut out some serious pavement and took gravel that later hooked up to the Kokepelli to Moab. The Kokopelli is a 142 mile off road trail. Most folks call it a multi day trail while others race it. I call it a tough but amazing day.

This ride happened on October 28th, my birthday. This is where I'll pick up the story from my journal.....

Nov 2, 1993

Sorry I haven't written in the last 5-6 days. A lot has happened. On October 28th, 1993 (my 24th birthday) I met Jeff (a Cat 1 roadie and fearless mtb rider) on Highway 128 just outside of Moab. We then rode to a campsite on Potash Road. It was the greatest B-day I have ever had. For the first time in my life, I spent my birthday riding in a place that I have always dreamed about.

On October 29th, Jeff & I went into Arches and hiked around. We hiked Delicate Arch (2 thumbs up) and Landscape Arch (1.5 thumbs up).

The following 3 days have been gonzo abusive rides. Day 1: Hunters Canyon, a highly technical hike-N-bike ride. Day 2: Schafer Trail with a roller coaster ride down Pucker Pass, 4200 feet of climbing and a 45 mph downhill. Day 3: We rode out to Gemini Bridges, back to Gold Bar then down the Portal!

These have been some of the best days of my life. I have realized I could be a very good rider. For once I can climb with the guys.


Sean said...

That's funny, I also spent a birthday in Moab, also Oct. 28, but three years after you.

MG said...

Wow... Those photos of the arches are incredible Jason. Awesome!

And it's pretty cool to think of how far you've progressed as a rider since those days. You can hang with just about anyone you want to hang with these days. You've definitely got the skills, legs, lungs and heart!

We're all October babies... I'm an October 21st baby myself, so I'm not quite a Scorpio -- just on the cusp.