Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Final Days - Canyonlands

After riding in Moab for several days, some more of our friends arrived for our trip into Canyonlands and the Maze District. Our crew consisted of Kevin, Robert, Art, Jeff and Alise. We also met Skippy near our campsite on Potash Road. He ended up coming with us and he would be our 4 wheel drive support vehicle for the rest of our trip.

So long Moab......Canyonlands here we come!

We loaded up on food at the supermarket. I spent my last dollars. It was hard to go into a week long trip without proper food. I had the check that Jackie sent me, but I could not cash it. Besides, I had promised to cash it when I got back and pay a portion of gas from the return trip to MN. After a long day of driving, we arrived to Canyonlands. Our first night was at the Flint Trail Overlook. This is where we would drop down into the Maze District and leave our vehicles for a few days. While prepping our bikes and preparing for the following days, I found out I/we had made one critical error. My food was stored too close to the extra gasoline and all the rocking in the vehicle had caused some fuel to leak out of the cans. The result? All my food had sucked in the gasoline fumes. I couldn't eat it. I tried. Now, I'm out of money AND out of food. It is going to be a long week.

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Guitar Ted said...

Yikes! No food, no money, and a check staring you in the face. This doesn't sound like much fun!