Friday, April 25, 2008

Back to the Tour - Colorado Here I Come!

That's right, Colorado. For those keeping track, yes I left off in Eugene, Oregon. How did I get to Colorado? If you remember my post about John leaving, I was writing alone at the Amtrak station. I was waiting for a train too. One that would come several hours later than John.

I boarded the train in Eugene. My first leg was Eugene to Sacramento, California. My second leg was from Sacramento to Grand Junction, Colorado. I was alone. I wasn't riding. I was nervous about being alone with no tent and little money. I have 3 distinct memories from this part of the trip.

First, I remember the an empty Sacramento train station. I walked around a bit outside. There was a little tourist town just outside the station. I don't remember the name of the town. I just know it was empty. I put a penny in a machine that flattens, stretches and imprints a penny. I sure wish I could find it.

Second, I remember 2 funny and eccentric guys from Seattle. They were train buffs that both worked as coffee bean buyers for some little coffee franchise in Seattle. These guys were a hoot and simply entertained me for hours with their constant joking & picking at each other along with their diverse knowledge of trains and rails.

The last thing I remember is looking out at all the roads wishing I was riding. While I had never been on a train before and I was having fun, it just wasn't the same as riding "IN" the environment. Touring is special. You are not protected from the outside world. Wind matters. Rain matters. You can smell the soil. You can smell the flowers you see. You can feel the road through your tires and bike. I sat on that train looking out the windows wondering where all those roads, paths and rivers I could see led too.

I made it to Colorado. My next adventure is about to begin.

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