Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ju Ming Museum Part 3

Thai Chi - My 3rd and final post on the Ju Ming Museum. These bronze sculptures are enormous. There are many others, but I was not able to get good shots of them. Some of these sculptures were 20-30 feet tall!

And here is my final and favorite image from this trip. It is one of my favorite images I have ever taken. I was lying on the ground looking up. I wanted to magnify the size of this sculpture.

Now, stay tuned as I get back to the bicycle tour. Just prior to leaving for Taiwan for work, I left off in Washington. We will be heading into Oregon. Stay tuned.


MG said...

Wow... Incredible. Those are all amazing, but you're right -- the third photo is special. The way the light glistens off the surface and plays with the color... even on my crappy LCD monitor here at work I can see it's pretty magical. I can't imagine what it must've been like laying there looking up at it in person.

You're pretty lucky... for a guy whose been stuck in a cubicle for 13 years! LOL...

Jason said...

I dig the 2nd one the most. I love seeing what looks to be a "ready for battle" pose of the HUGE figure. I'd like to get one of those for my front yard! I think that would convey the KEEP OUT!! message I'm looking for ;)

So last night I watched the Penguin game briefly and they mentioned the Hockey In The Hood program. First things that comes to my mind is BOUCHER! Then I started thinking about bikes and stopped watching hockey! HA!