Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Ju Ming Museum Part 2

Today, I'm going to share a few pics of the wooden sculptures found inside at the Ju Ming Museum. When I look back at my brief time at the museum, these 3 pieces were probably my favorites. They are exceptional works.

This piece is called Ordinary Living World and is my favorite. When you stepped back from this piece, it looked like a huge painted wall mural. It was probably 40ft wide by 20ft tall. As you got closer, you could see more layers. As you got even closer, you would notice the individual carved and painted people. Simply beautiful. The sculpture was far from ordinary, but you got a sense of ordinary when you looked at the individual people.

Here is a close up showing some of the detail and layering.

This piece is carved from a giant piece of wood. The bull is pulling an overfilled cart up a hill. Two men are also pushing. Looking at this piece you could feel the strain on the bull and the individuals. Very cool piece.

This piece had the most meaning to me. It's titled Cubic Living World. I love when artists totally nail a concept with color and composition. To me, this piece represents the millions of people that go to work, sit in cubes, generally look the same as everyone else, and lack any sort of individuality. It also has meaning to me because I've been one of those people for the last 13 years. This piece was like looking in a mirror.

Stay tuned. My last piece will show his giant bronze sculptures and will include what I consider one of the best photo's I've ever taken.


Jason said...

Those two wooden sculptures just rock. I feel you on the "cubical" one. 15+ years and counting here. :(

MG said...

that cubic living world one hit me too... the looks on the peoples' faces says it all.