Thursday, January 17, 2008

Off Topic

About a month ago I shared that during a wellness blood test, I found out I have high cholesterol. It was sort of a wake up call for me. I was pretty bummed. Yet, it wasn't that surprising considering just how much I love food and some of my habits.

I'm not really in the mood to write about my tour tonight so I thought I'd give you a quick update on where I am at today.

1 month after the letter, I have lost 7-8 lbs. I'm down to 209. I've reached that weight twice in the past couple days so I'm confident that it isn't just a fluke. Some folks that don't know me may say that 209 is still heavy. I'd say you are right, but you don't know me very well. Also consider that I've been as high as 220-225.

The last time I was 209 was way back 1996-1997. I got down to 205 when I was training for the Leadville Trail 100. In that year, I finished Leadville with a pretty descent time of 8 hours 44 minutes finishing 39th overall. Besides the tour I am writing about now, I rank that accomplishment as my 2nd greatest cycling achievement. It's hard to imagine that I'm nearing that weight again. I don't have near the fitness nor strength I had back then. Since I don't have the muscle mass I used to have, I'm pretty sure I can actually get lighter than 205.

My goal is 200 lbs.

How'd I do it so far? I'm sort of embarrassed to say this, but it's been pretty easy. All I've done is try to reduce my portions a bit, eat more fruit and vegetables, don't drink soda, less sugar, limit myself to 1 beer a week, and pass on treats at work. I'm occasionally breaking the rules. I'm just trying to control those things. I'm also trying to increase my activity. This isn't just cycling. I'm walking on a treadmill and riding outside when I can. It's really cold here this winter so riding isn't happening as much as I wish. I just started adding some stretching after my treadmill sessions. I'm trying to do the exercise earlier in the day so my metabolism works all day. It's been little things. Not huge things. I'm looking for long term change and for me, making giant leaps and resolutions aren't effective.

So 9lbs seams attainable....Right? Well, truth be told I'm struggling. I get tired by the end of the work week. When I'm tired, my body tricks me into thinking I'm hungry. I'm craving sitting back with a Surly Furious. I'm craving my wife's food and baking. I'm craving chocolate.

All that said, writing it down helps me stay honest. Thanks to my friends and family for the encouragement. Keep those good thoughts and prayers coming. I can't wait to go for a long ride with some of you readers. It just seems like that time can't come soon enough.

Have a great Friday folks. Check back soon as John and I hit the ALCAN and race the snow.


Guitar Ted said...

Jason, hang in there man! You can get there and beat this thing down with what is in you. ;>)

I am also in a "Battle of the Bulge", (heh heh!) and my goal is similar to yours. I am getting to an age where you can't "cheat" any more and I know that I need to change my ways. It can be done, but it won't be from my own strength.

You've got the resource, just trust it.

Take care my friend!

Jason said...

8:44???? Holy crap!! I'd be lucky to finish in 24:44.

Great job on the weight loss. Portion size is big. Me, I'd eat 2 lb. of pasta if that's what's in front of me. It's hard to say no, but doable. Keep it up!


p.s. Have I told you how bitchin' the Campeon frame is? Build coming soon. Need that damn crank!

blackmountaincycles said...

Bravo, Jason! It sounds like you've got it dialed to reach the 200 goal. However, if you can get to 200, I say shoot for 195. That's got a pretty nice ring to it.

Sensible portions and being active are the key.


gNAT said...

Make that 208 as of this morning.

Thanks for the encouragement. One note, if I get below 200 I won't be able to race clydesdale...that is if I ever get the gumption to race again.

Thanks again.

MG said...

208! YEAH BROTHER! Keep it up! I certainly wouldn't let the whole Clydesdale thing stop you from trying for 198 if that's what you want to do.

Honestly though, I'm just happy that you're taking control of your life and what you're putting into your body. That's the most important part. Good for you Jason!!

Stay warm this weekend. Please send my regards along to you lovely wife and charming little Nats.