Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Off Topic - OK, I give

OK, I give. You win. I won't ride my bike today. It's too cold.

I've lived in Minnesota for all but one year of my life. You'd think I'd be used to winter. Well, I guess not. Don't worry, this isn't a post about the crappy weather. Nope. This is a post on how to deal with it.

Today, I brought home this.

Yep, that's right. I'm building up something new. It's my my coping method. If I can't ride, I should at least work on a new bike. Right?! I've got a few special parts for it and the rest are being taken off my Chili Con Crosso. I hope to ride the new ride into work on Friday because it is supposed to get above zero. I hope so.

I don't think I'll post a completed picture of this bike until it's done. I've spent too much time selecting every part to just go and show it before it's done. I've got a few special parts coming from Japan. They are being hand delivered at Frostbike. Until then, speculate.

Going to be a long night sipping one of these....don't worry folks, I'm not off my diet. In fact, I hit 206 lbs this morning.

Stay warm folks and get your bikes ready for the next ride.

Edit: I just received an email that my parts from Japan were actually sent speed post. I should have them next week!


Guitar Ted said...

Oooh! Yes, a new rig to tease us with. You are a naughty boy! :>)

Good to hear about the weight loss. Keep up the pace!

Captain Bob said...

I can't wait to see what is behind box number 1. Maybe a Mamasita SS? I couldn't be so lucky.

Congrats on the weight loss slim. You are catching up with me. I need to start eating better again. Keep it up man!

gNAT said...

Late night Iowa blogging...You guys must be cold down there too.

Just so this does not spiral out of control, this new bike is not a new model. It's new for me. I say this because I got a call from a dealer today asking me about our new limited edition black el mariachi. I'm like sorry dude.

Jason said...

I dig your coping methods!

Seeing that box on MY front porch has been one of my fave sights over the past few years.

Nice cheeky move on that dealer's part. HA!

Anxious to see that build.


Head Honcho said...

My coping methods this year are taking the bike thing....a bit futher than just ONE bike! I usually just build a wheel or three.

Special parts from Japan, eh? Gonna let me fondle 'em at Frostbike?

gNAT said...

Head Honcho, I sure hope to see you at Frostbike...And yes, you should be able to fondle this bike. I may not have my new wheels finished yet as the wheels I have in mind for this project will involve quite a bit extra labor.....

MG said...

Man, I wish I was gonna' be at Frostbike with all the cool kids... ;-) but I'm sure I'll see your new bike soon enough.

Congrats on 206!