Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lesson #4 - Know Your Limits

We made TOK and ended up camping in a gravel parking lot right next to a gas station and a travel lodge type motel. Oh the beauty of it. It wasn't comfortable little pea rock either. After a few hours, the rocks felt like boulders.

That night, we hung one of our little portable candle lanterns from the tent ceiling and regrouped. It was cold and the snow has been essentially following us south. Worse yet, we were heading INTO the mountains again. We weren't prepared. John's sleeping bag just wasn't warm enough. I only had a 3/4 length sleeping pad so the cold was coming up through my feet. We also didn't have the right clothing. Our tent couldn't withstand the snow.

So...We decided that we had a great run so far and it wasn't worth risking our lives to ride through Kluane. Instead, let's head for the Alaska pan handle. With that, we caught the very last bus of the season at 6:00AM.

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