Thursday, November 6, 2008

A big change - Moving Gnat Blog to Wordpress

That's right. My first big change on my road to 40 years old. The Gnat blog is moving and I'm putting this blogger account to rest.

New Address - GnatLikesBikes =

Please update your link if you have linked to the Gnat Blog.

Why am I moving to Wordpress?

It give me more control, flexibility and options for the future of Gnat and the Gnat Blog.

I've imported all my old posts and pictures. I'm working on updating the image sizes from the imported posts so they fit with my new site. I'm working on that now so some of the pictures don't fit my template yet.

So...Please click on the link above or cut and past the address into your address bar. Again, please update your link to the new Gnat Blog.

I'll be updating my links as well, so if you want to be linked to the new Gnat blog, head on over to the new site and leave me a comment. I've got a list going already, but I know there are other good folks out there that have linked to the Gnat site.