Saturday, October 25, 2008

Salsa Fargo + Going Far = Fargoing

I got back in the bike groove yesterday. I left at 5:00AM in the rain and headed to Minneapolis for breakfast with the FMBC (Friday Morning Breakfast Crew). I had zero cash and the cafe only takes cash so I made quick detour. I don't think this is what they had in mind when they installed drive up ATM's.

Sorry it's blurry, it was dark & cold and I was wet so I snapped a couple and got back on the road. My legs felt a little tired after 2 weeks off the bike. Thankfully, I was alone and just pedaled my own pace to the cafe.

After breakfast, we headed for work. Unfortunately with the rain, this meant we'd be riding pavement. I was on my Fargo with Maxxis Crossmarks, quite a disadvantage compared to the skinny tires the rest of the crew was on. The 30 psi in my big 29er tires along with a faster than normal pace just made my legs feel worse. Still, felt good getting over 30 miles in before 8:00AM!

Thankfully, the rain didn't last long and the wind picked up. This meant I could ride some dirt on the way home. On top of that, I had a tailwind for my commute home. Man I love tail winds on Friday's. I dropped in and hit the dirt. I even threw in a little adventuring (off trail excursion).

After almost 13 miles of single track and dirt road, I traversed the river through this urban art corridor and then finished my journey on pavement.

In the end, finished my Friday journey with just shy of 60 miles. Rain. Sun. Wind. Pavement. Food. Friends. Gravel. Singletrack. Art. Nature. Photos. Exploration. It had it all. Now that's what I call Fargoing.

Hope to hit dirt today as we are expecting snow on Sunday!


Guitar Ted said...

Wow! That looks pretty cool. If that is a taste of what I'm in for, I'm really pumped!

Captain Bob said...

Same here. This was like reading a good book. I wish I could commute like this. Would be a fine time for sure.

Jason said...

Agreed, I wish I COULD commute, let alone have a cool one like that. Nice.

js said...

Nice. I've got mine on order; can't wait. What kind of seatbag is that?

GNAT said...

It's a 15 year old Granite Gear bag. Granite Gear is a small pack company up in Two Harbors, MN.