Wednesday, October 15, 2008

OK, enough camera stuff. How about a Fargo custom pack?

Things are happening quickly this fall. No rest. Just planning followed by action. Enter custom bag #1.

There will be a full post in the future on this, but I am so excited I had to show a pic. I've always used racks with stuff sacks. I can't wait to try a custom frame bag.

Special thanks to J.M. for letting me tag onto his project and to E.P. at Epic. Sweet.

More to come.......


Ben said...

I guess the fork mount water bottles are going to be doubly important!

I really like the looks of those bags.

MG said...

Me too... Those look awesome. I suspect I'll have to have a set for my personal Fargo.

Man, it's like one bike is spawning a whole aftermarket of custom-designed accessories for it alone! That's very cool.