Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More Salsa Fargo Pictures!

I've said it before, but someday I'll tire of talking about how much I love this bike. I'm sure some of you are sick of it, but for me I feel like this bike inspires me and feeds my thirst for exploration and photography by bringing me places and connecting trails and roads.

Yesterday on my commute home (my 39th birthday I might add!) I ran across a section of trail with really good natural light. I stopped and experimented with my new camera. Enjoy.

Finished the day with 4:45 minutes of riding - Almost 40 miles of dirt, 25 miles of pavement, and about 50 new pictures. Fun stuff.


Guitar Ted said...

Happy be-lated birthday there Jason! Nice pics too...

I hear ya on the Fargo. We've only just heard the beginning about this bike. Especially now that they are going to be getting in some folks hands real soon. (Saw the post)

Captain Bob said...

Love the picks. Gotta love that natural light. Especially when it's not too bright.

Happy Birthday!

grannygear said...

Happy birthday. That is a pretty big ride for an old careful ;)



MG said...

Hey, happy belated birthday, my friend. I'm glad you were able to get out for a great ride on your Fargo. It's a special bike for you (I think) because a lot of your specific experience relates directly into what that bike eventually became. It fits your style very well, accordingly.

Now if we can just build a few of 'em in titanium... That'd be the REAL birthday present! Make one in my size while you're at it!!!

Once again, happy birthday Jason. I hope the next year of your life is your best yet. I suspect that it will be. I know you've got a lot of good momentum coming off of a great last year.