Thursday, September 11, 2008

A couple new shots

I'm building a few new Fargo bikes tonight. I will be riding one of them to the breakfast ride tomorrow....At least I think I can get one done tonight. Thought I'd share a couple of pics.

Better get back to the workshop!

Edit 9:30PM

Well, back in from the work shop. I won't be riding this bike tomorrow. I was trying something new and thought I could make something incompatible compatible. Component 1, me Zero. Oh well, looks like I'll be riding my La Cruz in the morning.


Jason said...

I really dig that green and the details on the drop outs. Nice stuff.


pete said...

Man that is a good looking bike.

Captain Bob said...

Very nice!

Jerome said...

Man, that's a sweet bike. Where can I get one? I really don't want to wait until February! Cheers.

MG said...

Lookin' good buddy... Sorry to hear about your 'component incompatibility'. At least you've got a fine quiver of other bikes to ride, 'eh?! Hope it's been a great weekend.