Friday, August 8, 2008

China Slide Show and a little anniversary

I feel lucky that I had an opportunity to visit China earlier this year. It was too short and too rushed. Yet, I still feel fortunate that I got to see China with my own eyes. I was on a research trip looking at carbon fiber manufacturing. Here are a few of my favorite images.

Also, August 8th is my two year anniversary of breaking my a bone at my elbow. We moved into our new house just days prior and it was my 3rd day in a row riding the sweet single track by our house. Gluttony I guess? It was the first bone I had ever broken.

My boy wanted me to have a black cast. Man, my kids look little while I look not so little. FYI: I've lost 25-30 lbs since that picture!

Have a great weekend. I'm heading out of town again. Back on Monday.

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MG said...

Have a great weekend and a safe trip Jason. I'm glad you're all back in one piece again, not to mention being 30 pounds lighter! To say you've made progress in the past two years would be a severe understatement.