Monday, July 28, 2008

Greetings from North Dakota

Another week out of the office. Ahhhh.......This time I'm in Minot, North Dakota visiting family. We'll be heading to northern MN later in the week to visit my side of the family. So far it's turning out to be a great trip.

Today, I got almost 40 miles of pavement, gravel and dirt. Felt like more due to the rain this morning and the softness of the road surface. Some of these roads would make G-Ted proud. I'd say they fall just between Iowa B roads and Iowa C roads.

I just rode solo today. No worries. No stress. No pushing it. Just riding for the love of riding. Sorry no pictures today. All we brought was the big 35mm digital and I don't like carrying that one on my bike rides. Maybe tomorrow I'll take it. I've got one last 40-60 mile gravel/pavement grinder planned and and a 15-20 miler planned with my wife. I'm thinking I might just plan a 100 mile gravel grinder next year up here in North Dakota. Based on the few scouting missions I've had the last two years, it would be a doosie. Who knows who I could get to show up?

Anyway, have a great week. I'll likely not post until Photo Friday unless I get some good pictures tomorrow while out in this beautiful big, big land.


Guitar Ted said...

I knew those roads were cool by the smile on your face and the look in your eyes when you told me of them a week or so ago.

Glad that you are having some family time and bike time away from "the grind".

You know, if I cold pitch a tent on your relatives farm, I'd be there in a heart beat to ride a hundy!

GNAT said...

GT, plenty of space up here to pitch a tent. C'mon up!