Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Taking a moment to reflect

This past week I've talked to several friends who are really stressed right now. Rightfully so. These folks have some big decisions to make. I've also read a few friends blogs and I'm picking up on their stress too. To top it off, I'm stressed. My day job has a big to do starting this Sunday, Father's Day. While this event does involve seeing friends & riding sweet bikes on amazing trails, it is still very stressful and hard on my family. Who works on Fathers's Day?

I've also been working on a post regarding touring bikes and racks. I've worked on it all week and I just can't hit the "PUBLISH POST" button. I keep saying I'm going to post this, but I just can't.

Twice just today, I have told friends that things happen for a reason. That probably doesn't help much because when you are right down in the thick of the stress or big decision(s), you don't see it. When you are "in" it, this statement is not something you see or you think about. I'm guilty of this all the time. I don't see it because I'm down on the ground fighting battles. I get caught up and I typically miss the reason.

But...It is true. Things happen for a reason.

So...With that, I'm writing today about taking a moment to step back and reflect. Put what you are doing down or caught up in away. Who knows? It might help. It might not. I know I need it.

Friends, hang in there.


Jason said...

Hang in there brother. The "to do" will be great, I know it. Like the kids say,- "chill-lax" and enjoy the ride as best you can.

Guitar Ted said...

Hey, I know that your statement, "Things happen for a reason" resonates with me. I appreciate you telling me that. Really. It makes a difference.

I sure hope that you find those moments when you can step back, sorta like that picture, get above it all and reflect. We all could use a little perspective now and again.

And hey, ya know.....I think about what really matters in times like these, and that really turns my head around.

Happy Father's day Jason, and I will see you soon.

MG said...

Happy Father's Day, my friend. I hope there wasn't an intentional reason the universe kept making our cell phones disconnect earlier tonight. Thanks for the call though. It's gonna' be a great week for you. Your hard work will be rewarded.