Monday, May 26, 2008

You must mean this....

Got my new long legged toy mounted to V2 last Thursday evening. I couldn't wait to test it at Lebanon Hills, my neighborhood single track. This 3 day weekend also brought the T-R-E-K demo event to Lebanon Hills, so I had to be careful as I didn't want to share the trail with a bunch of other people. I also didn't want to explain this.

I did the cobweb ride this morning. The cobweb isn't a specific ride. The cobweb ride means you are the first person on any given trail on any given day. At least here in the Midwest, the first person on the trail that day cuts & clears all the cobwebs laboriously built by all those important spiders the previous night.

It is amazing that almost no one rides the trail or enjoys this amazing park at 5:00AM. I rode about 20 glorious miles of Minnesota's best singletrack. You know how many people I saw? One hiker. I also saw a few deer and an owl. The morning air and temps were incredible.

I cruised home by 8:00AM and made 2 rounds of coffee for my wife and I. Nice!


Guitar Ted said...

Yeah, that's sorta what I meant. I thought maybe it would go onto a "production-V" actually! :)

Glad to see that you got out and enjoyed yourself. Cobweb rides are awesome!

blackmountaincycles said...

LOL - cobweb ride! Or if your head is a foot taller than everybody elses, every ride is a cobweb ride!

Jason said...

With every passing day we get one day closer to seeing what Salsa has up it's sleeve. The cobweb ride sounds great!

Watch out for the Big T. They'll cut you man! But I think you know how to handle yourself when it gets rough ;)

Hope to see you in July!

MG said...

Looks like that owl had a good view! ;-)

Sounds like a great day to me. Glad to hear it was a great day.


Head Honcho said...

Man, you make me jealous - being able to ride Leb on a daily basis, and so early in the am. You're right. NOTHING beats an early ride.

Fork looks tasty!