Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Oh What a Day - Sitka can wait

Folks, I planned on writing about Sitka, Alaska today. However, today can't be repeated easily so I thought I'd share today's events today and blog Sitka tomorrow.

The day started with breakfast at Colossal Cafe with my good friend John Foley. John is a pastor and is currently starting his own church in South Minneapolis. I look up to John and respect him a great deal. Because of the time commitment it takes to do a church plant, it's been months since John and I have had the opportunity to have breakfast. I added John's church blog link to my daily blogs. It's the church my wife and I support and go too. Take a look if you are interested in that sort of thing.

You will also see another new link to the right. While at breakfast, All the Way Ray introduced himself. Turns out he's a bike freak and owns something like 7 bikes right now! Also turns out that he's a blogger. Also turns out one of his favorites is a Salsa Las Cruces. Right on Ray! I thought that was just a bit too coincidental. He told me this before he knew I worked with Salsa. Granted, he likely saw my Salsa parked outside, but it still was kind of cool. Thanks Ray and good to have you on board.

Lastly, today was my first glorious ride on my new super commuter. I am going against my word since I am actually showing it before it is completed. I realized last night when I read the instructions on my Japanese Honjo fenders that I wouldn't finish the project last night. Crap! I will repost once I get these hand hammered beauties installed. Ok, maybe not. It will never be this clean again. Here's the first photo of my new Casseroll commuter.

On the way home, I managed to get a few shots taken with the sun right on the horizon. The light was awesome.

Doesn't it look cold in this shot?

I also have to include an artsy shot.

Lastly, here is the full color shot in the sun. Man this bike is pretty in the sun!

The bike rides beautifully. I've got the wheelbase at it's longest setting. Comfy and stable. Just what I like in a bike. I'll likely post the full spec on the Salsa blog so take a look at there in the next week or so if you are interested in my hand picked component spec for this bike.

OK, I promise to get back to the tour tomorrow. We head to Sitka, AK tomorrow.


MG said...

Beautiful, just beautiful. Can't wait to see it with the fenders installed too. The Casseroll is a beautiful riding bike too. That fork is amazing - probably the most compliant fork I've ever ridden that can still keep its composure over a rough road. Not sure how the pepper team did it, but great work...

That said, the La Cruz suits my slightly more "moto" style -- you know me. I like it a notch more radical on my commutes, brah... rippin', Rippin', RIPPIN'!!!

...Ahem. Pardon me.

Congratulations on the new church to John, and to you who have had the courage to build a church community with him. Building a congregation, and especially nurturing it through its formative years before it has its own home/church is a unique challenge. Good for you for heeding the call.


Jason said...

Very sweet new ride J. I bet it does look boss in the sun. Seems all the Salsa frames have a liking for the sun. Really makes paint "pop".

If my work commute wasn't a swirling mass of highways, red lights, traffic and urban sprawl I would all over that! OK I lied I'd be all over the La Cruz! HA!

BTW- pics of the finish Campeon up on the blog. Tis one sweet ride!! Mucho thanks!


Guitar Ted said...

Wow! I just love that color combo on the Casseroll. Much more so than the other color, which I thought was a bit conservative. I'm kind of like mg though, I like both the bike AND the color to be rippin', rippin', RIPPIN'! Ha ha!

But yeah, that is a super cool commuter rig there, Gnat. I look forward to reading the specs and do talk about that front rack. The fenders will be a real nice addition, as well. Another pic when finished, please! We don't mind dirt and grime here!

Thanks for the new linkage. I, for one, will be checking them both out.

JJ said...

Yeah, sorry but I also like to talk about the front rack :) What is it J?

I think it will be a great addition for my own commuter. I am very proud and happy to say I am a full time commuter now. Changed jobs at the beginning of this year, which had me turn in my company car and start riding my bike to work and back every day.
Can't tell you how happy I am making this change.

In the meantime, El Mariachi is doing its job like it should be, still a great bike to ride and I am almost sad it will turn into my second ride after my plastic new ride arrives here.

The bike got its own, how you call it, stunt in an area in Belgium we ride once in a while. It is a challenging piece of singletrack, with a steep drop on one side, and some scary roots to master. The first time I tried it I lost my bike (so I had to climb down for 7 metres) and since then that part is called El Mariachi :)

AFter a bad eriod with lots of rain we seem to get some good days with lots of sun and 9-10 degrees Celsius. That will be like spring, great te get out with the kids (and the bike of course)

Talk to you later Jason!


MG said...

Hey JJ -- I'll let Jason tell you more, but in short, the front rack is a Nitto, and he talks a bit more about it on the Salsa Amigos Blog, a link for which is on the homepage of this blog. It's a cool one, for sure. I'm considering Nitto's nice racks for my own La Cruz, in fact.

OK, so that wasn't so short. I'm known for being a bit verbose at times. It could be worse, I suppose.

Glad to hear the El Mariachi is a fine steed in Belgium as well. I've really been enjoying my El Mariachi as well.


Lunatic Biker said...

Nice to meet you. My Las Cruces is a fabulous bike. QBP is where all good bike things come from.