Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas and new La Cruz

Well, it's Christmas all over the land and I'm taking a break from the adventure trip. I hope all of you are safe in your homes or destinations. It's been snowing like crazy here in MN.

In the spirit of Christmas, I'm in the mood for presents. Here's my latest myself!

Yep, my new monster cross La Cruz. Many of the readers have probably seen my flat bar La Cruz pictures from last fall as it showed up on quite a few websites. It's one sweet ride. Well, I built a new one.

Why did I build a new one? Well, my flat bar bike was just a bit short and cramped. I also wanted what I call a road bike. You know, a bike with drop bars. I got out Saturday in the snow and got just shy of 20 road miles in. When I started the temps were just right around freezing. An hour later, they were well below freezing with wind. It was cool being the only cyclist on the road. My only scare was when the snowplow came and I got off the road and crouched down just behind the guard rail.

Check back Tuesday for some poetry. That's right. For some reason I wrote a poem. Must of thought I was all artsy or something.

Anyway, Merry Christmas all. May God bless each of you.


Jason said...

Man, that La Cruz looks sweet!

Merry Christmas to you and your family too.

Sean said...


Mostercross, you know those MTBR kids are going to love that.

Guitar Ted said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Have fun in the snow! That's a sweet bike, but we need some pics of the whole thing. Whatcha got there? Some super secret drop bars or sumthin'? ;)

gNAT said...

Thanks for comments.

GT, no secret drop bars. Sorry. Hope I didn't get your hopes up. They are just plain old Salsa Bell Lap bars.

I'll show you a complete picture sometime soon. I just don't quite have the position dialed yet. Even worse, I've got both carbon AND aluminum headset spacers. U-G-L-Y! I can't show that.

Merry Christmas all. I'm heading to church and then we've got a total of 12 people (friends & family) at our house tonight.

rick is! said...

Sweet bike! My fav color is orange (apparently based on the amount of orange crap I've accumulated over the years) but no orange bikes yet. Drat. Time to trade the green dos in for an orange one I guess!

MG said...

that la cruz looks sweet jason. looks like the bike i wanna do transiowa and the dirty kanza on this year! i guess i better start saving up my pennies, 'eh? i hadn't been planning on one of those, but you just made me want another new bike.

here in lincoln, we don't have to worry about the snowplows so much... they just don't bring 'em out! heck, why clear the snow off the streets?!! so now, we just have the death ice to worry about. it's awfully fun to ride up to a stoplight and wonder if the cars behind you will be able to stop, or if they'll just keep sliding and make a automobile-oreo cookie out of you and your bike...

sorry i've been absent from the Gnat blog for a few days. i'm back though, and i'm live, good buddy!

thanks for the Christmas wishes too. God bless you and your family, my brother. i hope 2008 is your best, happiest, most bountiful year yet in every way.


gNAT said...

The La Cruz is all that and more. Heading out in the snow and ice again shortly.

This bike is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. It may even surpass my El Mariachi.

MG, if TI isn't muddy, this could be the perfect bike.

MG said...

even if TI is muddy, all you have to do is down-size the tires to a set of 30c Michelins and you're G2G. the discs will be the savior, when compared to something like a CCC... yeah, perhaps an el m with 44s would be good too, but in bad mud, the skinnies would weigh you down a lot less when they'd get packed up with mud.

wow, now i do want a la cruz! my wife is not going to be happy with me... until she sees the new xc skis i just bought for her! (hee hee... man, i'm bad.)

GreenLightGo said...

great looking bike - what CX tires are you running - they look fairly meaty.

gNAT said...


Those are some old WTB 44c Mutanoraptors.