Thursday, December 27, 2007

John & I 1, Alaska Range 0

September 2
105.6 miles

7 hours 45 minutes

*The Alaska Century*
Featuring John and Jay
5 candy bars

3 Clif Bars

1 cup hot tang

Made Denali and had 3 new beers

Full Sail Brown Ale

Alaskan Amber

Bird Creek Pale Ale

What a day!

Not much to add to this post. For many cyclists, riding in the mountains followed by cold beer at the Golden Spike is pretty much a perfect day.

We cleared the Alaska Range today. Most of it in the rain. I was on a mission this day. I remember John challenging me to not use my granny ring today while going over the passes. I took the challenge and pretty much pulled John and I all day...something I would pay for later!

No pictures, but I did manage to pull this label off and file it in my journal.


Jason said...

Things like that label are some of my favorite types of things to save from adventures/trips. They help me remember more than just WHERE I was. But WHAT I was doing when I was there. In some ways they stimulate the brain even more than a photograph does for me.

gNAT said...

Jason, I knew you'd like the beer label. I agree with you as well. While I LOVE photographs, they are only one medium. That's why my journal has stamps, beer labels, camping permits, smashed berries and leaves in it.

Every time I look at this label, I think of finishing that day and sitting in the Denali camp bar.

Guitar Ted said...

Agreed guys. I have some old camping permits, all the old maps with the scribbles on 'em, know!

My favorite is a doodle that a guy did in a bar for me in Stevens Point, Wisconsin.

Oh yeah, here's that hundy I knew was coming up! Miles passed behind you and beers under the belt. Yup! That's livin'!

MG said...

it's amazing the different markers that bring us back to the places we've been... and how for each memory of each ride, the image that defines it can be so incredibly original and distinct.

today butch, mw and i ground out about 60 miles of prime nebraska gravel and it was absolutely golden.

hope you got some great saddle time in this weekend too!

happy new year! i look forward to lots of hundies with you in 2008 Gnat. i'm already lookin' forward to that road trip to the ballyhoo... that's gonna' be SWEET!