Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year

Happy New Year folks. I hope each and everyone of you can get outside to ring in the new year. Here's a few snaps of the fam and my winter riding partner. What a great week it has been. Have fun. Be safe.


Guitar Ted said...

Wow! Looks like you are having a blast there. The snow is a bit fluffier and deeper than around here in your pics.

The kids are going to be awesome cyclists if they can keep it upright on that snow already.

Great post, thanks!

Jason said...

Hell your kids are braver than I am! We don't even have snow today and I won't ride outside!

Quite showing that La Cruz!!! Your like the devil taunting me with bike goodies! ;)

Have great New Year Jason.


MG said...

So true GT... The more they learn now, the better off they are for life. I say we start teaching them how to do wheelies next summer! YEAH!

Tell Natalie that I wiped out in two corners today... She wasn't the only one! HA! :-)

Jason, I've said it before, and I'll say it again, you and Jen are awesome parents. I admire your commitment to instilling your children with a sense of appreciation and wonder for the outdoors.


gNAT said...

Thanks for the great comments. This year, we have to be hearty. It's been cold and snowy here in MN this year. I threw in the flag on my ride today when it was -1 before factoring wind chill. We ended up going swimming (indoors of course).

I feel fortunate that my kids really do enjoy the outdoors. When it snows, they can't wait to go shovel and make snow forts. My son taught himself to ice skate in just two outings so far this year. Totally rocks.

For those lusting after a La Cruz I'll make it even harder on you. One of the best parts of this bike is that I can use my same 29er wheels on this bike.

Right now, it's wearing Crossmax 29's as they aren't stiff enough nor wide enough for my liking on my mtn 29ers.

Enel said...


Glad I stumbled across the blog. I really like your profile and see a reflection of myself in every line, even the orange bike thing.

gNAT said...

Thanks and Welcome Enel!

I've read your blog before and followed your bike history on mtbr for some time now. We do like a lot of the same things.

Hope you stick around.

MG said...

BTW... I showed Mrs. G. these pics, and she thought the kids were adoreable. Of course I agree!